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  • 07/27/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Need advice from the familysaid counselors :)

Hi guys,

Another day gone by without hearing from Jon (my SO). I keep hoping that it
will get easier, but from the sound of things from you guys it never seems to
get much easier. Between the endless worry and lack of sleep I’m turning into
Oscar the Grouch. And as busy as I’ve been, it looks like my house is a trash

I’m sorry to come on here complaining about everything since I’m a newbie to
the board, but I just have to talk to someone who will understand. Maybe
someone can answer my questions. My first question is how do you make your
family understand what you’re going through? I live on a farm so the work is
never done. My mom is usually very supportive, but I’m having a hard time
with Jon being gone this time. I have this history with fire. It isn’t
exactly pleasant. To explain briefly is in 1993 I lost my home to fire. It
was a total loss. 5 years later, my cousin died in the line of duty fighting
a grocery store blaze in West Virginia. We were pretty close. And now, it is
5 years after losing Greg, Jon is out there. I can’t help but cry, even
thinking about it. I am so paranoid that something is going to happen. Does
anyone know of a way that I can possibly get my family to lay off of me for a
little while? I just need some time to convince myself that he is going to be
ok. Out here on the east coast news of the fires is completely overlooked.
My only way to know what is going on is to search online, that is even adding
to the stress, because I’m looking for “bad news” instead of having it fed to
me gently.

Sorry to drag on forever, but thanks so much for listening.

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