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  • 07/27/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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<<< been lurking for a long time, haven't been to chat this year either (someone didn't like my handle of choice back then).

the posts from RedArmy and FireMomma have been a treat; Sammi, your recent description of your FF sleeping with his head on his red bag was a hoot.

let me introduce myself: I have lots of “kids” on the fireline during fire season regardless of the month on my calendar – many are my adopted sons & daughters from when my baby became a Shot in the early 90s. (gonna get yelled at if she sees this) much like some of you, our extended family now includes jumpers, engine slugs, a dozer dude, dispatchers, contract, et al… most are BLM or USFS.
like you, I pace when I don’t hear from my loved ones; similar to when they came home from the smokes and paced waiting for their next assignment. I’ve learned to take it day by day, praying for loved ones safe returns. realize they may be someplace in a different time zone now, for sure they are in a different mind set, of course it’s difficult for us who no longer have hands-on involvement in fire.

after this night’s tragic news about more lives lost: SINCERE CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY, FRIENDS AND ENTIRE FF COMMUNITY BE SAFE!

have to tell a joke so I’ll stop crying for lives lost, homeland or overseas

joke: never let em near your fireplace after too many brews & a full belly if they are sharing a blazing story in the dead of winter – if not too much wood added to your ambiance, spit on the hearth!!!!! hint: keep a “couth book”

keep the faith pll


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