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  • 07/26/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi everyone,,,,,I hope this does not show up twice because of the computer problems….I have two guys that left last night for the Robert Fire in Glacier. Hubby is on an Engine and I think our son is on a Tender, . So if anyone sees newspaper articles please let me know. Another hint for the new people…..you might find a web-page for the National Forest they are on. Also look for local newspapers on the web. I have found a couple pictures of my sons in the newspapers close to the fires they were on……keep those prayers flowing upward and try and stay happy while they are out of touch.

Remember, if you are new to this life. Cell phones are great but do not work real well in most locations out there in the wild. Also, they will call the first opportunity… it may be midnight but they will call. Our son called about midnight last year from one of his fires and I was asleep but the one to answer the phone, of course scared to death. He said….”mom this is Junior” and I said “and you better damn well still be alive”!!!!!!!!!!!

Try not to let loose on them all the things that have broken at home and that the dog died and the MIL (mother in law) got arrested (kidding). The dog dying thing actually happened to us last year. Our baby (24) was down on the Clearwater NF and his St Bernard of 14 yrs died. We did not tell him until 4 days later when he got home…….what would have been the point? They need to have clear minds and hearts and not be distracted…..stay happy and busy and try to only worry at 75% of your time…


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