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  • 07/24/2002
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Honey’s Back Home

I got a laugh out of the husband asleep in the front room with his head on his pack. First , he is just itching to get on a fire and it seems like everyone else is going out except him. The kids call this the “Mr. Grummpybutt “stage. The scanner is on 24/7 and he repacks the red pack a few times and even finds a new package of Fruit of the Looms that he bought last year in camp! Almost like Christmas- except its just unders! When the call comes in -he’s gone and happy. The cell phone becomes a lifeline and we spend all our time on the internet researching the fire he is on. His voice starts sounding tired and satisfied with the job and fire.

At last, he’s home. We get the summary of fire with all the funny stories and pranks pulled. Then the Rip Van Winkle nap. He sleeps for about three days on the front room floor and wakes up when his girls cook his favorite foods. Then the deep stories start and we hear about close calls or about someone who was injured or how he saved a house with his crew . This is a sobering time- we hold him close. This only lasts a bit until he gets itchy to go out again. We wouldnt miss it for the world, we love our Firedog!

Red Army Wife

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