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  • 07/23/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well just to let you know I did not kick him out because he asked for food…..we had bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches, later fresh raspberries and crème.

My prayers and certainly thoughts go to the families and the crews that have to endure the loss of the young FF’s who died at Challis today. I grieve for them and cannot even begin to imagine how one endures the loss of such young, healthy beautiful sons.

Last year our baby boy (24) was working for Greyback when the van crashed and at least 20 people called me before we found out for sure he was not with those crews. it is hell to want to know so bad if it was one of your own and then a guilty relief when you find out your son is ok… such a mixed bag of emotions.

Everytime this happens my first though is,,,,,If I saw them coming up the walk to tell me I would not be standing by the time they got to the door. Can’t even imagine the devastation,,,,,,,

for the new ones on the list……we all have to remember that these crews are highly trained. Safety is suppose to be the #1 priority. They have so many safety precautions in place and they train constantly to be able to gut react to incidents that happen. If we knew how many FF total there are out there on the lines compared to the injuries and certainly fatalities the percentages are way in favor of your guy or gal not getting hurt. Just keep praying and trust your FF to do his/her best.


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