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  • 07/22/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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relationship update: I got home from work this pm and the pick-up was in it’s spot. I come in the house and he (husband) is laying in the middle of the floor with his head on his pack sound asleep. So being the sweet little wife I am, went out, fed the dog, watered the garden etc, etc. He did come out abt an hour later and helped me pick berries. After that he decided to change the oil in my Rover before he cleans up…..so I am here doing my nightly computer time and he just now comes in and yells,,,,WHEN’S SUPPER!!!!!!!!! It’s so nice to have my man home…..somebody send me this the next time I complain about having to talk to the dog….


Oh and I like the idea of a match-making-site……we could do wonders with our skills and knowledge of relationships…..so you girls on the lines send in the names, we’ll put them into categories and match them up with possibilities..

I think cache king needs to write a book. I would buy it….what an interesting life and your descriptions are awesome…….gotta go cook something…..or we could have yummy MRE’s……..that would be a treat…


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