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  • 07/22/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well Ab’s…….I promise not to explode unless I yell at ya first…now Fire Momma on the other hand is likely to come out swinging so watch out (kidding) …..

one thing about personal relationships, everyone has an opinion, with a little right in all of them.

To nerdy…..sorry, I felt like I was insulting you if I said just nerd. Your description of the people in your crew not having significant others back home waiting was actually very sad. Even tho they probably have family it is so very important for young people to have someone special waiting, whether you are doing fire, military or some type of job that takes you away from home. I did the ‘adopt a Marine” for the recent combat thing and it was very touching for me to hear from a 19 yr old who had NO ONE to write to back home. So we adopted each other..Guess the Dixie Chicks song about the soldier was right on.

Don’t you think that is one reason the crews become so close…..my guys have been bringing buddies home to visit for years. I don’t have any answers but apparently from what we are hearing here, we also have lonely FF out there who need relationships that can also survive the fires. and guess what, that puts a whole new spin on the whole relationship issue. Now how are we gonna fix that?????? Now I am going out to water the garden, feed the animals, check the fence in the back, wash my Rover and then do the laundry all the while telling the dog about my day at work……….


Thanks Sammi and the rest of you who keep the home fires burning.


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