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  • 07/21/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Ciao and all, no questions go unanswered here. Sometimes the answers are way more, longer than you ask for. probably because we do get tired of talking to the dog. and the dog does not answer back, not yet…….

We live up in the mountains of the northwest, never lived within the service area. if I could go back a few years and have the chance to live in a camp, compound area I really would like to. Actually we bought our land and built our home (log) way back when the land was cheap and we had slaves (the kids). We chose to live far enough away from a town that if someone comes up our road they have a reason to be here and so we have to travel quite a distance to work etc….but the trade-off is worth it.

In the early years of our marriage I was so busy keeping the kids healthy and going to school myself I really did not consider how nice it would have been to have FF wives to chit-chat with. I homeschooled the kids and wrote articles for a few magazines about our lifestyle…..so he had his focus and I had mine and we met in the middle. And it worked. …..

Now that I am much older and have kids who are FF I really do see the importance of having the opportunity to swap info, stories and support with others even if it is via the net. I do know the other families around us that are in FF but not on a good friend, buddy basis.

One of the big problems I see within the service and the latest thread about whiners is a prime example…..experienced FF wives/significant others usually are not willing to be honest to the potential newbie wives and tell them like it is. if they knew about the expected bumps in the relationship they might be able to smooth them out easier. Lonely, boring, stressful, disappointing, exciting, proud, jealous, crazy making…..and the list goes on and on……and the fact is….there really is no way to describe the lifestyle because everyone of us is sooooo different and the circumstances are so different for each of us…….

bottom line. We are connected to a breed of people that cannot be explained, cannot be domesticated (kidding) and we are lucky if they can be trained to use the indoor toilet. (not kidding here) but they are our loves and we learn to live with the extremes they bring. Honestly, if I could go back and change a few things sure I would but change him nope!!!!!!! Fire is who he is and if I took that out he would not have that sparkle in his eyes that I see when he has the pickup packed and I get that last hug…..now when that pickup comes back with several weeks worth of stinky smelly non-recognizable items that I am pretty sure did not leave here the sparkle doesn’t matter a twit……just lovem and know they really do wish they could be in two places at once, but we all know they have to choose that mountain…does not make it easier to swallow……it is just not possible for them not too……..keep praying they all go home safely…


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