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  • 07/17/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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well, I am thrilled that you are all honest enough say, FF is an addiction and it does destroy relationships, marriages, families. I have been reading another list and most of them are young married to Ff and still basking in the glow of “he is my hero”. Well, I will give them the season, or at most a couple of years and probably most of them will have had a real dose of reality. My husband and three sons are ff and it has been a long road of stinky clothes and terrified when the bulletin comes on the news of FF down.

We have been married a long time with my husband being a FF the whole time. My salvation was having a job that takes a lot of energy and I love. Also I have NEVER told him don’t go….even tho I know he would stay. All my guys LOVE Fire…..a couple do structure in the winter and even tho wildland wins their hearts they still have to have that adrenaline fix. My advice to either male or female left at home…..get busy. Find something to do that will take up time and energy. You have to adapt to living with a real live “hero” and society is telling them all the time they are heroes.

And most important in our marriage, I had to love him enough to “let” him do what he loves. Is it easy? Hell no!!!!!!!!! Right now I have red packs and all sorts of stuff laying in piles all over the house waiting for the phone to ring…….two of the guys are already out but lucky for me they have wives and homes of their own to mess up. Even with twenty + years of experience being left so they can go fight the tiger it is still hard to come home to an empty house every night and the only one to talk to is the dog. But it is worth it because I could never NOT Support him in doing what he truly loves. (and I do not understand the addiction to it. anyone got it figured out????) if you truly love them you will find a way to handle it, if it doesn’t last at least enjoy the ride. it is worth it…..


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