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  • 07/17/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Let me jump in with both feet. I have a younger sister, not a spouse, who is a firefighter.

She is CONSUMED with the work she does. She trains, both PT and classes, lives, eats and breathes fire, fire tools, chainsaws, etc. ha! I have never seen someone who sleeps with a pulaski before. ha! ha! Summers she’s gone for long times. Fire is her family, probably at this stage of her life it’s more important than me, and we’re close. She has a boyfriend and has had several others, but they seem peripheral and have tended to get jealous pretty fast, like “what’s in it for me?” She is very cute and I think they imagined her spending the summer on their arm. Best thing would be for her to have someone who shared the fire passion. Next best thing is to have someone who has his own passion and can understand hers and just love the time he spends with her.

Perhaps at some time other priorities will surface, like getting married and having children (I hope, I’d love to be an aunt some day), but right now it’s ALL fire. Guess I won’t hold my breath for those nieces/nephews. Wouldn’t want to constrain her with my expectations, I love her too much, love having her around when she can be, love having her friends hang out with us, love hearing her stories and adventures. Guess that’s what sisters are for.


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