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  • 07/17/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Being a FS FireWife for the past 12 years, I can honestly say I think we the families of the firefighters have the harder job than they do.

Why? you ask, well we are the ones on the home front dealing with all the everyday (24/7) “Stuff” that goes on. While our FireFamily gets to to to distant places, and see things we will never see in our lives. I had a grudge for years over this, I was the homebody, took care of the kid and the critters, the house, bills and worked too. There were times when I came verrrry close to “Hating” my hubby for being gone. He got to get away from it all, no hassles with the home, You all know what I mean by that. But now years later, I have settled down into the groove of things, and believe it or not, I actually look forward to him being gone, LOL. It gives me time to do special things with my son (Mommy and Me days as he calls it), alone time, and also gives me the time to see how much we miss him and can’t wait for him to come home. We tend to have great quickie vacations after he comes home from fires. As a family we always plan on special trips or projects to take when Dad comes home. So you see, its a mind thing, you just have to learn to adjust, and roll with the trips. Or you can look at it like our son does and “Do the Mo Money” dance, he has learned this due to hazard and OT pay means, we/he gets to go/do/buy something. LOL.

Just remember one thing, our firefighter is working for us as a Family as well as for his job, and if yours is anything like mine, It’s a Disease, its in their blood (long line of FS Fire in his family) you can actually see the flames in their eyes when they start talking about the past fires they have been on.

So there ya go, one FireWife’s opinion/advise. Hug em, Love em, and Pray for em.


Thanks to ALL fire family members who contribute, support us while we’re away and who “tell it like it is”. We love and appreciate you even as we keep our eyes on the smoke and flame. It’s not easy when your partner is addicted to/ has a passion for/ or is otherwise compelled to serve in the capacity of fighting fire. Thanks to the families of the team folks who keep the resources flowing and to the families of dispatchers, too.


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