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  • 07/17/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I’ve been thinking about this since the question was posted, but, I really, honestly, don’t think there’s a way for anyone to provide advice on how your son can avoid feeling “left out” when his wife is out on a fire assignment. That responsibility really does sit on his shoulders, and depends to a great extent on how autonomous an individual he is. Does he enjoy private time? Time to do his “own thing”? Some relationships are established on the “joined at the hip” idea. Those relationships suffer in fire season.

As a young mother with three little ones, we did all kinds of creative things to “help mommy stay sane.” (Not sure if they worked…certainly didn’t save my marriage.)

I realize this isn’t much help, but there were no emotional bandaides around for wives then either.

I can only encourage you to encourage your son to buck up and believe in the strength of the relationship…and trust his wife. (This is a biggee in the fire scene.)…and learn to enjoy the personal time alone.

Best to you,
Fire Momma

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