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  • 07/16/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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As far as husbands/wives left behind –

I don’t think he’s gonna want to hear this, but here it is anyhow. For YEARS and YEARS and YEARS I was the one left behind. My husband came home when our first child was 3 months old. I guess I was kind of a rag during all those years, but there were the kids, working in fire, running the homefront, being married to a SMJ, etc.

In the last 10 years though, the tables were switched, I was on a team, so we had our own “rotation” — Talk about H— to pay when I was gone!! I don’t think he missed me (for those of you who DO know me, that is understandable) — but what he was missing — was being “left out.” I was “out” and he was desk and house bound — IT WAS A VERY HARD TRANSITION for someone who had always gone, and was caught by fire. I think it’s a pretty ugly situation at times, and it takes a darned good patient person of either gender to keep on going.

My suggestion is to just keep busy, get on with lots of things you’d like to accomplish when you have some of that precious time alone — and also be happy at this point, that you don’t have young uns around.

Jealousy can really skyrocket — not meaning “sexually” in my case — but in “getting” to see the fire family and friends vs. the same old tired crowd at home………I know alot of other people that feel the same way. At times it’s a pick your poison situation……I know this is really “positive” help — but that’s the way it is folks.

De-Throned (aka Cache Queen)

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