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  • 06/16/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Welcome to all the new people and hello to the familiar ones. I have two guys in our family getting packs ready etc. Seems like two weeks ago we were unpacking and cleaning stuff. My guys have been busy for a while now doing controlled burns and one is working on the Firesmart program. That’s a new program where the FF and forestry people come in and clear away brush and ladder fuels from the homes close to the woods etc. They have been working up here in North Idaho all summer and they are doing extremely needed but awesome work. Some of the property’s I have seen look like they are in the middle of a park. Really nice work and no cost to the landowner. Highly recommended if they have it where you are.

I guess I am an old hand at this having a husband and sons involved…..so I would be glad to try and answer questions….and I will tell it like I see it….not the cleaned up version. That use to really anger me when I was looking for info and people would gloss over stuff…..

I have not coped with little kids in a long time but they seem to be very hardy little creatures. I might suggest a scrapbook if they are old enough to help you. Also I keep a big map on the freezer and I tape names etc, pictures whatever comes in. New map every year so I can keep up with who is doing what and then it is like a scrap book. I know my kids loved family pictures…….for a while here we were looking for newspaper pictures and then posting the names so if anyone claims whoever was in the picture we sent it to them. keep up with the newspapers where their dad is because several times one of my guys has been in the paper and we didn’t know it…..


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