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  • 08/05/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Mellie and Ab
Thanks for bird-dogging the R5 Web site difficulties, and to bb and Ab for the info on They Said re getting into the site. Now that I can get in, I’m disappointed with the data.
Tracking my ff is still a top priority. After the SitRep, I go directly to the GACC intelligence reports because they list the resources, i.e., Smokejumpers, Type I and Type II Crews by name and fire they’ve been committed to. But some GACCs (Alaska, R5, and…I forget the other one) don’t post such resource lists or if they do, they don’t list Type I or out-of-area crews. Or else, I don’t know how to read or find resource lists on those sites.
Can you help by sharing how to get access to those resource lists through other online sources? Or better yet, can you two or someone else working the business influence the lagging GACC’s to put their resource lists online? Alternatively, can this site develop a current tracking page for Smokejumpers and Type I and II crews?
We’ve generally nixed the idea of calling dispatch offices to find out location of our ff’s. I know we can still ask: Anyone know where Chena is today?
This site offers ff and their families much support and vital information. I’ve learned a lot, and keep learning because of your flexibility in accommodating our needs.
Shot’s Mom
Shot’s Mom, that info is not online. We will not be able to get the GACCs to put the info on the Type I crews on the web, nor should we, truth be told.

The Teams who keep the records need to focus on the task at hand. That kind of recording is very time consuming and computer resources at fire camp are limited to critical tasks. Some regions listed that info on the web as they could in the past. It was not very accurate. Lately fewer have done so. Crews go from incident to incident after leaving their home forest. Over time overhead teams come and go. Records may be a pile of papers in a box in a tent in firecamp and then go into storage – at least that’s my experience.


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