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  • 08/05/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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My introduction: Hi gang, I am Sammi. Got that nick name because when I first got married and would be upset and cry, my husband would say “oh damn Sam” because he had no idea of how to handle the tears. Now he mostly ignores them. We have been married a very long time. Have a bunch of kids, 3 are FF this year along with hubby. They all work for different agencies so that makes the coming and going and keeping up a bit confusing. It was a riot helping put packs together this year because we had a new girlfriend and a new wife added to the frey. Have another wedding in Sept. Last one, I hope
I work every day investigating child abuse/neglect cases so I am very busy. That helps with the worry meter. I do real well during the week but on week-ends things get a little stressful for me, espically if all of them are out on fires. I have pictures of all my guys in my date minder book so People ask me quite often about the FF in the pictures. The public at large are facinated by the FF lifestyle and seem to really admire them (or flirt with them) for the work they do. I have to really be attentive in Walmart. (kidding)One checker ask dear hubby if he would take her for a ride on his fire-truck. (he was in uniform) Said it with me standing there writing the check. I just laughted as his face turned red………
Tell a little funny here: a few weeks ago my hubby was out doing trainings on an Engine…..I was going to town to spend HIS money and I stopped at the local gas station to fill up my rig. I heard on the scanner there was tones and I knew when he answered up he would be coming thru the intersection where I was at. (he was driving) well sure enough here they come thru the intersection, lights and sirens going. As I walked in to pay, there was two women standing there watching all the fire trucks go by. One of them said..”wow aren’t they sexy, I said Naw, I sleep with the driver every night” that lady looked at me like I had lost my mind. At that point I figured it was better to leave it alone so I walked on and paid for my gas. I sure hope she was from Canada or someplace far away from here. believe me a sense of humor is mandatory for significant others of FF….whether structure or wildland, we have a lot to put up with and without the humor it would be very difficult.
We also have two ff/paramedics from the Seattle area and everyone will be here in Sept for the wedding. Everyone just back from fires etc,,,,,guess what the topic of conversation will be????? and they wonder why I had rather swim with the kids……. So lets have some more introductions……..let us hear from you and what you are about. Will make the list more friendly don’t ya think?


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