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  • 08/02/2002
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To Dawn who awaiting her man
Speaking as the wife of a Fire Capt. I can tell you to let him come in the house, let him take a hot shower and make sure he takes the Comet with him as he will make a big black mess, but it is fun to be able to assist in scrubbing his back.. Give him hugs and kisses, but let him breathe as he has spent grueling hours cooped up with a bunch of people and the one thing he needs and wants more than anything is space and peace and quiet.

Feed him his favorite home cooked meal. Make sure you are stocked with some cold ones or cocktails. Don’t take it personally if he goes to sleep on you the first night. Let him sleep. Hold him while he sleeps. Cherish every minute that you spend with him.

Never try to make him give it up as you may be surprised to find that once he has breathed the fire, it is a part of him. You can take the man away from the fire, but you can’t take the Fire out of the man.

Once he is showered, fed, relaxed and rested, the next part of the welcome home will be a memorable one. Enjoy listening to his stories of his experiences. Be there to love him when he needs love. Give him comfort when he needs comfort. Give him support as he needs all of your support when it comes to this type of work. When he loses a friend or comrade, be ready to hold him up when he needs it.

It takes a very special kind of woman to live with a Firefighter. It also takes a very special man to have a wife who fights fire as well. One thing I have learned from my experiences with my hubby is just follow their lead, but make sure they know that you are there for them when they are ready. Wearing that something special might come in handy the night after he gets home… My hubby always wants a hot shower, a cocktail, love from his wife, kids and his cats and a long sleep in his warm, comfy cozy bed. Cherish this man. Let him know that he is not only a hero to others, but he is your hero always… If ya need a friend, you may get my email addy from AB.
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