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  • 07/26/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Wow! Thanks for all the response! I have to respond to “voice from the other side”…..I have to disagree with the comment that he chose this line of work, not me
I married a United States Marine, and everything that came with it….separations, heart-ache, and Single parent hood! He chose to leave the Marine Corps for personal reasons, but has always longed to be back in.
Anyway, when this opportunity came up, of course we jumped at it! I choose to have a happy husband, and if that means he is gone quite a bit, then so be it. Our children know their daddy is working to save our beautiful giant sequoias, where we camp every year, and they talk to him when he calls.
The girls do art work everyday, either for daddy, or about him. They paint pictures of him “drawing lines around the trees” and cute stuff. Over all I have very well adjusted children for only being 2 and 4 ( probably stems from the fact that we co-sleep, so their needs are always met)
Beyond that, I do let the children see the news, and we have a map out of where daddy is in relation to where we camp, and so on.
So far we have talked to him every other day or so, but only for about 2-5 minutes. SO i know we are lucky in that respect, over the year he has learned to call anytime he can, even if only for a minute to say, “hey I am okay”
I am so glad to have found this board! And so glad to be here!
Dawn and the girls
P.S. I am also not alone…We have a friend and her daughter that co-habitate with us, so basically it is us two moms and three girls 6,4,2. It is nicer than being totally alone, like I did in the Marine Corps!

Dawn and the Girls

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