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  • 07/24/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi Dawn and welcome to the list
We are the people left at home waiting. It is hard when we don’t know where they are. We have posted earlier some of the quirky things we do to stay connected. (check previous posts)
One of the things we recently decided to do is save newspaper pictures and list them here so maybe we can hook the pictures up with family who will appreciate them. So if you see any pictures with ID information we would love to hear abt them.
I know how being at home and maintaining the kids, house and dog can be overwhelming when you have no idea where he is or what is happening. Believe me, he will walk in one day with 40 pounds of the smelliest, dirtiest stuff that went out with him as clean socks and clothes and comes back to you looking and smelling like you should call the Haz Mat team. Just hug him anyway and leave the mess on the porch till you get around to sorting it out. When my guys do a fire close to home and they come back here directly from the fire, I make them strip on the porch……yes we live in the middle of ten acres of trees.
I laughed at myself a few days ago. I kept noticing a smoky odor every time I walked by the stairs. Nothing awful just whiffs of smoky something. I had looked several times to see if we had a cord getting hot or maybe something against a lamp. Yesterday I realized it was coming from one of my son’s alternate packs he had hung up on a gun rack in his room. The pack is empty but it is still holding on to that smoky odor that is unmistakable. So it went out to the pile on the porch for later attention. We have to have a sense of humor and a lot of patience to be involved with these gals and guys. They are a very special breed of people and we really are proud of them. (even tho sometimes I feel a little neglected if I don’t hear from them like I think I should)
If he comes home for a break between fires, don’t be upset if after a good meal and some sleep he starts looking out the window and pacing….,that’s the FF itch. They go thru smoke and dirt withdrawal. Is your husband with a Hotshot crew? Tell us a little abt yourself. And any of the others looking in I would love to know a little abt you? No identifying stuff but maybe just enough to let us know who we are. I will start on another post……..any questions don’t hesitate. We have gotten some wonderful responses from the people on the They Said part of the list. No dumb questions here,,,I have already asked them all.

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