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  • 07/04/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I’ve made it to most of the corners of your site, and find it just fascinating. My son is a first year USFS engine crew member, and has yet to be out. So, I’m surfing every site I can find.

The one hot link in your FAQ that I couldn’t get is “Ab Speaks”. I’m curious what the background is of the site, what type of financial support you get/need, and what drives you to keep up such a great site- there is a lot of effort into it and it takes time to keep up, too: is it just a full time hobby??. No need to send me long reply, just send the text of “Ab Speaks”

Regardless, keep up the good work- especially bringing rationale perspective to some of the e-mails you get!!-

Thanks again-
Steve- “FFr’s Dad”

Hi FFr’s Dad. Fixed the link on the FAQ page. Thanks for the heads-up. We appreciate hearing about broken links. We check often, but sometimes sites change faster than we can keep up. This one was our error – simply a capital letter slipped in by mistake… FYI, there’s also an AbSpeaks link at the top of theysaid.

As far as financial support, until recently we Abs have footed the bill entirely. In the last 6 months, expenses have skyrocketed as readership has “blown up”. We went in search of support and now have sponsors on several pages and classified ad links to some businesses that came well recommended by wildland firefighters. We believe it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. We appreciate their support – and hope our readers will check their websites and order supplies from them. Tell them you saw their ad on wildlandfire.com.

It does take time to keep up this site – lots of it. Day in and day out, 365 days a year; morning, noon and night. Wouldn’t call it a hobby. More like a “calling” – something needing to be done. We feel it’s necessary for our extended wildland fire community. As you have probably found, we share information, thoughts and ideas across agencies, contractors, and vollies, play and grieve, talk about equipment and gear, entertain ourselves, vent a little, compete occasionally, learn from our mistakes, talk with our families and raise safety and other issues. The community is strong and the voices many and varied. Welcome.


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