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  • 06/22/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi all,

My sister is again fighting fire again this summer and is in Colorado right now.

When she came home last fall and said she was going back next year, I decided I would continue to follow the fire shelter issue through the winter (and keep reading theysaid and educating myself). I did. Even called Boise a few times. It seems to me we (familysaid) did well at letting our views be known and production of the new fire shelter is well underway. Fire shelter testing standards were created and set last summer/fall. The testing process proceeded as expeditiously as possible, I think. The new fire shelter has been chosen. It is going through manufacturing stages. I’m not sure but I thought I even heard that Rob Roth was going to be involved somehow. (I could be wrong about that. If he’s reading, maybe he will comment.)

I pulled this out of the theysaid archives from last month.
Fire shelter history and update:
Fire council selects shelter made in Missoul
If you want my opinion on the Denver Post editorial, it seems to me it’s designed to inflame and to sell papers/advertising space. The author of the “editorial” doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Heck, there’s not even a name on it. By the way, this is not true with their other editorials. Makes me wonder. Maybe some marketer on the paper wanted to publish some inflammatory rhetoric without having to be held accountable by putting their name on it. Well enough cynicism. (Take a look at theysaid this last week, many firefighters don’t trust the media… Most journalists don’t know enough about fire to report fairly.)

OK, stepping down from my negative-on-journalists soapbox. Maybe there is someplace better to put our efforts than on fireshelters. I know we mostly have groundpounder family members who are fighting fire (at least my sister is), but what about sending some letters out to legislators in support of the air tanker guys and their families? Or we could see what the firefighter issues are at the national level…

Check this out: www.airtanker.com/wwwboard/messages/7884.html and then read the followup messages with details of what you can do.
I don’t know how many of you are from CA, but I’m going to contact my CA legislator today. The 26th is next Tuesday.
Also, visit the FWFSA website www.fwfsa.org. Some of the firefighter reps went to Washington last winter and met with congress people to advocate for change with some success… One of the next issues is paying firefighters from portal to portal (when they leave home to when they get back home) — means our guys and gals might not get so tired, which means the clearest and safest decisions are more likely to get made. That’s only one of several issues. My sister joined the organization. She says it can be a powerful voice. (Looks like she might make a career of the fire stuff.)
Ok, truely signing off now,
Robbie (short for Roberta, in case you don’t remember)


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