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  • 06/19/2002
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Shot’s mom and all: rituals I do
Actually never put a name to it until I read this post. I also do the answering machine thing. Do not erase the last message until the next one comes in. Actually I miss very few because I also have a cell phone and they call home and then the cell. My “babies” always start out with “H i—— m o m m y” in a VERY exaggerated way to put emphasis on my over protectiveness. I always smile at that,,,,,,,,,I have their first helmets lined up on the top of the entertainment center. Probably would be the first things I would go for if I had a fire here.
I absolutely cannot cook their favorite foods while they are out. So no roast and gravy, no peas and corn bread, no spaghetti, no lasagna and no chicken pot pie. Don’t know why just something I realized made me cry.
I make sure every year to have portraits made of each of them in dress uniform and in greens or turnouts. (This year I also had them do shots with their packs) I also got portraits of all of them together. it was a riot. The girls at Sears were arguing over who was going to take the pictures. (and the guys were really playing the part of studly firefighters) people shopping stopped to watch them. Someone suggested doing one without shirts but thank goodness dad vetoed that quickly. I just tried to blend in with the walls. I have their pictures in my scriptures and every time I see them I smile to myself…….these are MY guys and I am sooooo proud of them. They work hard and play hard and when we are together they drive me crazy, but I would not change a second.
I put a little smiley face on their toothpaste…..no one knows its there but us. (long ago I use to put cardboard hearts in their dads sandwiches) Just a small way to connect every day. I also have a gold FF pendant that was a Christmas present I wear constantly. Oh, each of them has a St.Florian pendant they wear on a chain. For info: St Florian is the Protector of FF. You can get a lot of merchandise for FF out of the Our Designs Catalog. They have a web site. (our daughter has a locket with one of the tiny pictures of them in it and she puts it on when the first one goes out and takes it off for winter when the last one comes home.
I’m sure there are many other things we do that we don’t even think about. Habits, rituals, etc don’t happen immediately on their first time out. What ever makes you comfortable and feel close, do it………no one even will realize you are doing it unless you tell.
Please if there is any new family members or friends out there reading but nervous about joining in. Please do so…..I wish I had a list like this all those years ago when I was thrust into this lifestyle to ask questions, vent, just have someone to talk to that understands how hard it is for those of us at home waiting. Some of the tough, burly, studly guys will snicker at us and the “silly” things we do-say but that’s ok. My guys do. But you know something, when no one is looking they read our notes, “Aw mom!!!!!!!!!!” then smile that cute smile because they really do want to know how much we care, just as long as we do it discreetly. hang in there families, things are heating up and it gets scary but we are here to support each other…

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