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  • 06/18/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi guys, wow look what I have missed, you people have been really busy posting. My old computer slowed down to turtle pace then died so I have been unable to do anything but peek in via daughters computer for a while
Hope you all saw the news release about the new shelters. We had such a great team (asking for new shelters) going last year and were really getting attention from press, political people etc and then Sept 11 took all the attention away. Well, now apparently they (?) have decided they have one they agree can be used so we will see how things progress. (see link on They Said)
To the moms and girlfriends: And everyone else concerned with firefighters: (I have 3) they are well trained, gain experience everyday. They are so proud of what they do. One of the most important things you can do is listen to them when they call or come home. They need to know we support them and they do not need to go into that experience feeling guilty because they are not with us and we resent their being gone so much. (that is also for community FF, pavement pounders, (also have one of those). I try to keep up with their whereabouts every year. I keep big maps on the frig and freezer and put little stars where they have been.
Also cut out paper articles, look on TheySaid News, excellent for newspaper articles. After the season I put the info in scrapbooks. Some of the books are slim depending on the amount of info I find but I try. No reason to feel obsessed or overbearing because we care. We gave birth to these people and put in more hours than anyone to get them old enough to go out and do this….why feel funny, guilty etc…..your his (her) mom, his wife, his girlfriend. No matter who you are, if you care thats all they need to know. Please try to not be a doomsdayer and tell them all the horror stories you will hear from associates who will try to scare you. Our FF need to have confidence and be able to confidently depend on training and their leaders. They need to use their minds clearly.
If you have questions ask the list. Every question is important. There is a wealth of info here and we all continually learn. I do constantly…..
I would not advise calling dispatch or the headquarters they are out of. They are very busy and would be overwhelmed if all the families called checking on each FF. All my guys have cell phones, even tho they don’t work well in all areas. Seems like they do work better to call girlfriends sometimes. (So check with them) Just remind them to call when they get the chance and don’t panic when the phones rings at 2am and he wants to chat. Thats ok with me, and I know with you. Even if you can’t keep up very well when he is actually out, probably you will be able to trace his trail by the t-shirts he brings home and then you can go back and look up the information to document his summer…….oh and make sure they have a camera. Amazing the pictures they take sometimes. (girls, cars, squirrels, birds, trees, hummers, two FF sitting in the black eating MRE’s from 50 ft away) Just keep your sense of humor…….and pray a lot.
I remember the first year our “baby” came home after his first trip away. He came in dragging his stinky messy packs, plops the pile in the den and went to the frig for a drink. He saw “his” collection and just beamed. He spent quite a while standing there reading the articles and looking at the maps etc. He didn’t say too much but I knew it meant a lot to him. So now they always wander in to look at “their map”. I do the same thing for my husband, the pavement guy. (He started this whole thing…….why shouldn’t he have to do the wash?) hang in there families and friends, it seems like every summer is very long and lots of lost sleep but they are worth it. Every one of them………glad to be back (super new computer)

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