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  • 06/07/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Glad to see Family Chat is up and running’ agai
It’s been a long time since I had a “SHOT” kid (especially the GIRL) on the line to wonder and worry about.
I must say, I am glad to see someone post from a dispatcher’s point of view. Folks, read all the links this site offers, do NOT inundate their home base with calls, and remember, in the old days there were NO phones at a spike camp, showers were non existent – they were lucky to get day old sandwiches via an air drop, and they slept in fake sleeping bags!
Of course you are worried, as all good, caring folks should be. Kudos to those who have the time and resources to track their loved ones, do it, and share the factual info in here. Never forget, cell phones won’t work when there is no cell site available in wildlands! The only savior for you is to keep the faith! oh, and for the person who wrote in to ask about “non relatives”: you are no diff than any of us who sit at home worrying; the big diff is AK is worse for current news except, maybe for the NICC sit reports’ watered-down info (you have to remember, that sit rept is written for the bosses in Washington DC)… but it is better than NONE.
Pray that your loved ones are safe as can be (remember is was their CHOICE) and no serious injuries or lives lost this fire season anywhere (engine slug/ground pounder, type I or II/rapeller/jumper in timber/mountain/brush/grassland) type of firefighting situation! Hopefully if your kid is a “ground pounder”, he or she has knowledgeable sups and has received appropriate training and the resources necessary for the situation at hand this day! AND, never forget those structural FFs, or the guys in the AIR who just might drop slurry on your kid! kudos to them too. (gee, Ab did I miss anyone? lol)
Everyone: keep the faith! Your loved ones will come home and tell tall tales next Thanksgiving, or C-mas!
ex-shot parent

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