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  • 06/06/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Dear Ab
Just yesterday I found your site with the help of my boyfriend’s Mom and was comforted by the sharing of questions and information. But I feel a little awkward joining the forum of “FamilySaid” or “TheySaid.” You see, I am not family of a Firefighter, nor am I a fire fighter myself. I’m the girlfriend. My boyfriend is a Chena Hotshot in Alaska, and I am involved in the other half of his double life. This is only the second fire season that we have faced apart, and it is unbelievably difficult. Frustrated by the lack of specific information about the location of his crew and the difficulty of communication between us during fire season, I am always looking for some way to feel more connected to what is going on with him during this time. I am wondering if there are wives and girlfriends out there feeling the same way. Is there a support group for the lonely significant others? “Hello, my name is ______. And I’m in love with a Wildland Fire Fighter,” etc. ;) I checked out Fire Chat…but everytime I go in I am the only one there.
Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Hey, we should rename this forum familysaid/girl/boyfriends!? Sure, you fit in here.
Before this page was created, we had girlfriends, partners, and spouses writing in to theysaid — and a few parents. Often you gals and guys in relationships with firefighters are living in remote and isolated communities with no others you can talk with about your difficult situation. Here’s your chance. Have a question, write in. Others will share their experiences, their frustrations, their loneliness, their solutions. I’m sure some of the firefighters who have struggled with relationship themselves will offer a few words as well.

FireChat is another good place to share, when folks have time to get together. Often a party happens on a Thurs or Fri or Sat evening between 1900 and 2200 Pacific Time. I should put an announcement on familysaid and theysaid next time it’s happening. Right now the “forests” of many of our socal chatters are burning. They are off fighting fire.

But hey, there’s nothing to stop you from sending in a post that you’d like to gather in firechat at a particular time and date. If you show up and lurk there, all logged in, we will come, especially if it’s in the evening with a little announcement. If a group of girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, and husbands evolves, you all could also set up a regular meeting time. One way or the other we can all support each other. Just need to invent it! Welcome!


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