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  • 06/03/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Shots Mom
You are a big asset to your son and his crew, more than you know. You should not feel guilty or as if you are out of line in wanting information as to his and his crews location throughout the season. Feel free to call dispatch during business hours every now and then or call the home unit FMO/Duty Officer if you feel the need. It is your peace of mind that is what is important not whether or not someone in the organization feels put out by a 3 minute phone call.
Most everyone on the crews has access to a cell phone either their own or someone else’s on the crew and although we are not always in a location where there is service, as when we are on a wilderness fire in spike camp or way out in the hinterlands some where, there are times when we are in the rigs on the road between assignments when contact can be made.
As a long time Hotshot as well as doing other jobs in fire over the last almost 30 years, I can tell you that knowing someone cares where you are and what you are doing can have a very positive impact on morale and ultimately our safety as individuals and crews.
I only wish all the families of our firefighters were as interested in their firefighters as you. My wife, kids and folks have been real supportive over a long career in fire and it really makes a difference. However, my Mom stopped doing my fire laundry about the middle of my first season because she contracted Poison Oak from my fire clothes, sorry Mom.
So go on and keep making your calls, searching the web and keeping your scrap books as up to date as you can, I know your son will appreciate your efforts, there will be allot of great memories stirred when he sees them and he will know he is loved.
Pray for all our FFTR’s safety it is gonna be along season.
God Bless all you FF Moms out there.

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