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  • 09/13/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Sammie, and all my sisters and brothers in our community
We have work to do, folks. Yes, the audacity and daring of these perpetrators have shocked us into momentary inaction and disbelief. The reality is that we live, and have always lived, in a dangerous world.
Our family members who fight fires know they face the possibility of injury and death–even from the most benign situations–on a daily basis. We cannot let down the fire fighters, nor those “civilians” who fell in New York. Like fire fighters everywhere, we have to pick ourselves up, tighten our cinches and march right back into the world. We do so with open eyes, knowing that America with all its weaknesses and imperfections, is our land. We make of it as we will–because we can–because we are America.
People walk hundreds of miles to our borders, risk their lives to cross deserts on foot or cross vast oceans in unseaworthy boats to get here. They struggle against unbelievable odds to come to a place where they don’t speak the language, where they know nothing of the laws, where they face the unknown. They come because this place offers the opportunity to shape their own destiny. We call this condition–freedom.
Our challenge, despite the events, is to hold tight to that freedom and know that we shape our future and destiny now as we make decisions to respond to this event. Don’t shrink from our collective duty. We will not succumb to fear and terror. We will not buckle to impotent rage. We will go forward, accepting our responsibility to embrace and respond to our world as we find it to the very best of our ability. In doing so, we will adapt. We will build better shelters, better worlds, better peace and better understanding.
Get busy, folks. Give blood if you can, volunteer with local aid organizations, send money where appropriate, teach our children and grandchildren tolerance–so that we do not replicate the horrors of our enemies. Learn everything you can about how our government intends to respond, and make your own wishes heard. If the seeds of this attack were planted offshore, learn as much as you can about other religions and cultures, for in learning we find understanding, in understanding we find the tools we need to heal the schism that sparks such hatred.
HM [Hotshot's mom]

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