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  • 09/13/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Cross-posted from theysai
What a great job on the New York Ribbon. I am no computer expert so is there a possibility that the memorial pic that Jim and Hunter did such a great job on can be placed on the wallpaper page so it can be downloaded to and forwarded to all the people we possibly know. To Sammi I would say,
Sammi we are Americans. We are the greatest nation ever known to mankind. We as Americans will never be defeated. We will always STAND TALL and bow down to NO ONE. The Japanese commanders in WWII stated that “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant”. Well,”THE GIANT HAS AWAKENED ONCE MORE”. America will come through this just fine. Although this did happen during our generation, Americans have suffered much worse in the past. I don’t think that any of those that have any responsibility for these acts of war against Americans will come through so well. Americans are generally a people of big hearts as you are. But now the hearts are broken and the American people are mad. “Hell has no wrath compared to that of pissed off Americans” . The Americans are now “REALLY” pissed off. Those that have done this will have nowhere to hide. Sammi, I have full faith in our President in this matter. Those that have even the slightest involvement will pay dearly. No matter what he President decides to do, we can no longer allow our families and children to die at the hands of madmen. America will continue to stand tall and be the greatest nation on earth. It is the people of America that make it that way. There are no greater people. Fly the Flag and be proud to be an American.
We have lost some of our brothers in Fire and Law Enforcement. Lets keep them in our hearts as we do all New Yorkers at this time. To all the families of those firemen, we cry with you and you have our love and support. As the one Fireman said on CNN, “WE WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY”.

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