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  • 09/10/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Did I really read that some of the fire camps are not having tables and chairs to use for eating? They expect the FF to stand and eat and that way they do not get lazy? EXCUSE ME!!!!!!! Should we add a PS to our shelter project
On a lighter note and totally off any subject we have been on….I propose we send ALL 7 yr old boys to Marine Boot Camp or the fire service. Why you ask? Because then they would stop that “picky eating syndrome” they all go thru. Our 22 came home this morning and he used to be the absolute pickiest eater on the planet. Now he will eat ANYTHING that looks like food and tons of it. He has snarfed down a meat loaf with rolls and a bowl of mashed potatoes as a snack this afternoon. That kid would not have eaten meat loaf a few months ago if I had paid him. And he hated potatoes…..he would never eat French fries…he would say yucky!!!! (when he was 3). my goodness I thought his brother was just a miracle when he came home from boot camp because he would eat anything, now it has happened to Ben. I am serious we need to send them off at 6 or 7 to fight fires(or the marines)think of all the food arguments we would not have to live thru…..just call me the happy chief cook and bottle washer of the happy kitchen service…..

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