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  • 09/08/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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WOW !!!!! We are just awesome……..I have heard from two TV stations and 2 newspapers. One is the Washington Post so we are definitely doing something right…..I would suggest you keep an eye out for reporters names and e-mail addresses. Fire off as many letters as possible…..never know two of us may end up on Good Morning America…we need to have someone do a FAQ sheet on the shelters, the old ones and the new ones. Sort of a side by side comparison that we could all have a copy of. We could all contribute we just need an organized complier. Any volunteers? Firefighter Jane…maybe you could help us compile a list of stats on the shelters or send us in the right direction. Also I have a reporter that would love to do an interview, interested? MRE”S: does anyone know where to by MRE’S? The store we have been getting them at is closed….mail order would be ok for a simple fix now but I need someplace around Spokane or South Seattle………thx

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