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  • 09/06/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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My posting of Aug 8th regarding the fire shelter, in addition to others that have posted, seems to have created a movement. I want to thank you for this site! The ability to raise issues here that otherwise have fallen on deaf ears is truly amazing. Great job!!
Sammi, Colorado Mom, Mellie and others – all of us out there thank you for your work and support! Sammi, I’d be more than willing to help you with information on the fire shelter. I can be reached at firefighter_jane@hotmail.com.
You’re right about Pendleton’s response to Jim Roth’s phone call. It’s typical of what we’ve heard from MTDC and others. No personal attacks here. Like I said in an earlier post – while tech and dev is developing testing parameters, Mr. Roth has developed a superior shelter (which has been published for 6+ years!!).
I agree 100% with you on the elements that you identified in your message. There seems to be a break down in recognizing the transition from a passive fire to an aggressive fire. The warning signs were there.
I’ve been thinking a lot about this since Storm King, and unfortunately now again after the 30 Mile Incident. The best way to do this would be increased fire experience for crewbosses, but with the sudden increase in hiring, and with our leadership and experienced folks spread thin, how do we do this? I believe the only way to address this is through training for all levels, maybe part of the mandatory training we provide each year.
A training session that would teach firefighters to identify when fire transitions, what are the elements of a fire transitioning, what is extreme fire behavior, what does extreme fire behavior look like, what are appropriate defense modes and offense modes, etc (just a few thoughts). We have the experience base still working and/or available in retirement to design and instruct such a class. Anyone out there have any thoughts?
Just got back from several fires in CA. Lots of potential still out there. Take care and be safe!
Firefighter Jane

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