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  • 08/30/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Just a few brief comments. I love this new forum
First, politicians and bureaucrats are cognitively overloaded (or maybe don’t have so much grey matter to overload and hence appear that way). In my political experience for the best effect, send no more than three points – that read almost like powerpoint bullets. (Best thing would be for point one and point three to be the same so that you can hit on both the primacy and the recency effects for enhancing memory!) I know we all want to pour out our hearts and concerns. Sammi, a long letter like yours is wonderful for sharing yourself, but better in hardcopy and/or for the media who are more likely to pick it up as a human interest piece. If you’re sending e-mails, keep them very short.
Second, don’t worry about your loved ones jobs. In my involvement in this fire circle and on up, firefighters at every level are firefighters, and part of our family. Boise and Washington know that a stir about the fire shelter adoption process is inevitable. Some may even secretly welcome it. In my estimation, the process is largely held up because everyone who could make a difference in working on it has too much on their plates — not because of ego or misdirection of moneys. So the purpose here is to get this raised in all peoples’ consciousness and to get the issue moved to the top of the pile.
Someone should write a brief post for theysaid letting ff know how to participate. Some read familysaid, but probably some do not. We should all be working on this issue.

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