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  • 08/30/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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hi everyone……it’s been a long day and we have had FF coming and going since yesterday so sorry I haven’t been responding
I think we decided to e-mail as many people as possible on both the 1st and 15th anyone from either list welcome and encouraged to do so, please. Also encourage any other list you are on. I also mentioned I am going to follow up my e-mails with printed snail mail copies. I still like the ole pen and paper.
Also about the reprisals to the ff as we are lobbying for shelter change. There is no way I see of doing this without “our” names. So I am going to use my name but not mention my family…..if they (the powers)are so vindictive as to try and blackball or somehow make reprisals then thats another whole ball of wax and a fight for another day. Personally I don’t think my three wildland FF are high enough on the food chain to see any harm and even if there was…..heck, we are doing this for their safety, their lives. Obviously this is a decision each one will have to make but for us I’m going to do whatever I can to see some type of change hopefully, at least get them moving.
I just had a thought…..can you imagine thousands of wildland FF sitting down at noon on the 1st and refusing to move for 30 minutes (in honor of 30 Mile) and in protest of the ole shelters which might have made a difference. Yea I know, dreaming. Boy would that hit the airwaves in a hurry….
feeling fiesty and ready to rumble

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