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  • 08/29/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi guys……very sorry to hear abt the tankers…..it’s been a very sad summer
Two of my guys are flying in tomorrow and the third will be here Thurs. It’s been a short but very LONG season….you know what I mean.I wonder if the season is winding down or fireing up? Seems like in past yrs they just stayed steadily busy. Maybe I am not remembering clearly…..
Even tho we get use to having them gone sleep comes easier when they are here under our roof. I know it is like that with all parents but these FF really know how to put a mom on her knees and test her endurance for laying awake at night.
Washing dishes is when I do my best mindwandering and I wonder if any of the fire service is staying in touch with the families from 30 Mile and wonder if we should send them cards again to let them know we haven’t forgotten (just families supporting families). Anyone know how to get addresses? We had the misfortune of losing a son three yrs ago and seemed like after a few weeks everyone just disappeared. I’m really not singing a sob song here, I just know how important it is for people to still show love and support……what do ya think?
Just doing some wondering and some grieving……every time I hear the news of another FF death (or injury) I just sort of go back to a sad place. It is sometimes really difficult to be supportive and interested in the wild tales and listen to all the fire talk when it is such a worry. So if I am having a hard time I just look at them and tell myself all the reasons I am so proud of them…..How do you handle the stress?
…waiting for the troops to arrive with all that dirty laundry

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