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  • 08/26/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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To All….September 1 would be a great date to send emails to the Congress in our local states….The email campaign needs to be simple… 1. Save Our Firefighters, They need a better Shelter…
2. Why is it taking so long to test the new designs?…
3. Can you as a Congress person do anything for our loved ones on the Fireline?… Three simple points..
The following is what I intend to send to our Congressmen…. Orin Hatch, Jim Matheson, Chris Cannon, James Hansen for the State of Utah…. Dear (Senator Hatch, etc
As a current firefighter who is very concerned for my fellow firefighters who put themselves on the line to protect our National Forestlands, I am asking for your help. The recent loss of four Firefighters in Washington State, brought to the our attention that the current Fire Shelter is less than adequate in protecting our Firefighters as the last means of survival. We know that there is new technology that is available for replacing those 1970’s Shelters.
We have three questions that you may be able to answer: 
1- Are there better alternatives to replace the current Fire Shelters? 
2- If so, why is it taking so long to complete the certification tests? 
3- Can you help the process to be completed before another Firefighter is lost?
Any help in this matter would be appreciated as one Firefighter lost is one too many for the Firefighting Family. Thank you for your time in this matter and we hope to hear from your office soon.
, FF/PM This is just a sample of how simple the email needs to be – short and to the point. Hey Ab what do you think and if there is someone who can simplify this letter I am all for it. As I am not a politico just a firefighter
The Old Firedog

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