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  • 08/26/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Greetings – more useful info
The site (lefthand column) has many links to info on the current fire shelter, deployment, deployment training, surviving the flames, etc. Some of the information takes a little time to download.
One of the links suggests deployment training as a crew at different times and when they’re tired. This seems sound. The more practiced firefighters are, the more likely that training will take over if the going gets rough.
My sister was home on furlough or r&r (whatever ff call it)- their mandated time off. One evening during a barbeque I had for her and her friends, I brought the discussion around to close calls and chain-of-command and fire shelters and asked if they felt concerned about anything. They didn’t, really. They were sorry about the firefighters who died, the ones on the same crew who survived (with burns and/or memories) and hoped they wouldn’t be in a similar situation. They feel they are well trained and if they follow their training that’s the best they can do. They know they need more experience with fire behavior. They feel they can speak up. (Can’t imagine my sister not speaking up!) They say there have been lots of safety discussions, mostly about lookouts, communications, safety zones and escape routes (LCES?) and that fire can flare up during mopup when you least expect it. They did practice deploying outside of the classroom on uneven ground one day when they were tired. They had also looked at different photos and were asked and discussed where they would deploy and why. Sounds like ongoing training is happening. I was glad to hear it. They weren’t cocky, nor were they scared. They were full of interesting stories and seem to still be pretty tired.
It was interesting to read on theysaid the comments from the CCC kid Shane. Like him, my sister said firefighting is hard work — or hurry up and wait, which can be even harder.

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