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  • 08/25/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi folks…
Seems our numbers are increasing, that’s great. I have found a page about the shelters by the Forest Service and if you scroll to the end there are two places to e-mail for questions etc…(www.fs.fed.us/fire/safety/deployment.shtml) I just finished asking them for info on their plans for a new shelter and when we can expect some type of changes….I’ll let ya know if I hear from them..You might also write and let them know of your concerns. Also I highly recommend the Stormking Technology page to get some info on their version of a new shelter.
Someone mentioned a date to write/e-mail our congress people….How abt Sept 1 that will give us enough time to post the addresses of these people and I agree with who ever said If we e-mail these people all on the same day it will definitely get their attention. I would also suggest on Sept 1 we all write our local newspapers and try to get their attention.,…polite but strong. Also I am sending the freedom of information forms off Monday to the powers that be,,,so I’ll let ya know. Should everyone send the same letters, or different more personal letters to the law makers? Also someone here in our local FD mentioned a petition to the governors of the states. You know they (the governors) just had a BIG convention In Coeur D’Alene Idaho and apparently discussed how to save the forest and support of FF. Wonder how they would react if we start writing them to SAVE OUR FIREFIGHTERS!!!!!!!
Also: It is extremely hard to keep this activism from the FF but I agree it is vital….they cannot lose confidence in their equipment………so let me know how you feel on this and please any lurkers….(quiet people) please join in and help us……. (Please don’t anyone accuse me of enticing people to riot……I really am trying to be very civil and polite. We can do this and still remain dignified. Can’t we……)

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