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  • 08/25/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello, All
I’ve enjoyed your many remarks – we are first time Hot Shot parents and I’ve spent countless hours on firefighting links, etc. so we can understand the conditions under which our son labors. We can’t begin to explain how heart warming all of our contacts have been with other Shot parents and fire leadership folks.
Re: a new fire shelter: it seems pretty obvious that a better fire shelter has been designed; my question is how to go about including my voice in those that need to be raised regarding its approval. I’ve called and emailed, but I agree with The Old Firedog that if we could all email our Congresspeople, it would do more good than just one Shot Mom out here. We have never mentioned our efforts in this field to our son; he has the utmost confidence in his leadership and we don’t want to do anything that would undermine that confidence…and it isn’t that we don’t trust his leadership folks. I agree that fire shelters aren’t the answer; wise management and excellent training are, but as long as our sons and daughters and husbands carry a shelter on their belts, we should give them the best we know. I agree with Sammi, too, that we’d personally buy a better shelter if it were approved. I’m new at all this — what can we do to get it approved? I’ve read the Talking Points and the NIIC replied to my email; I just don’t think we should have to wait until 2003 – Jim Roth has already spent 7 years and thousands of his own dollars. Certainly, we can put some pressure on the decision-makers. I’d welcome guidance.
Bless all of you! I pray for all our firefighters daily.
Colorado Mom

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