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  • 08/25/2001
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Any one new to the FF experience should read Murray Taylors book JUMPING FIRE also a new novel out is Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans. Taylors book is obviously about smoke jumping but you can lean a lot abt the fire service and the way it works and what to expect on the line and down time….good book
Thx to old & grey for the wise words. I agree with everything espically the part abt being supportive and not undermining the FF confidence in their equipment or training.
Everytime my guys walk out the door the last thing they hear is “remember your training, think for yourself and don’t be a hero, we love ya” (and do you have your wallet?)……..now this doesn’t mean we are not concerned and are not going to take a proactive stance on the shelter issue.
Oddie: it’s always wonderful to hear the communities are supporting the FF and helping even with a drink of juice or water. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a lot but to know someone took the time to hand them a cup of water means sooo much. The hand made signs all over Montana last year that said…”thank you firefighters” was just awesome….
Last year one of our sons was on a crew doing structure protection…he was pumping so stayed with the engine, the rest of the crew was from prison. Well the elderly man and woman whose home and barns they were protecting kept taking them sandwiches, juice, pieces of home made cakes and cookies. He said the elderly man kept riding his 4 wheeler all over the farm all night making sure the FF were fed and had drinks etc. Our son was just beaming when he was telling us abt them and the care the couple took and worked soo hard to give comfort to the FF (all of them)…..he loves his job and would do it regardless but small things make it all the more worth while.
Sammi, wife to one FF….mom to three FF

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