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  • 08/24/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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We have a crew here from Alabama in the Okanogan Valley. There are, or I should say the last time I heard (Tues.), close to 5000 firefighters from all over in the valley. Its been cool, and we had some rain Monday and Tues. but its going to heat up this weekend, along with gusting winds. We are looking at the temp. starting to climb again next week
This is the first R&R for my crew, and they were really looking forward to it. I know how hard the wait can be, my dad was a firefighter, and now my nephew. 11 years ago when he told me this was what he wanted to do, my heart went to my throat. Every year he went out, the pacing started and the worry was always there. When we decied to start our own company he was the first person I hired, 1) because he’s good at what he does, 2) Im so proud of him, and 3) yes, I know where he is. We are closer than ever and it helps his family not to worry as much, they can call and Im able to say where they are for that day. I wish there was a way every family could find out where their loved one is. I encourage the families of the other 5 f.f.s we have to call day or night, and if I don’t have the answer I will do my best to get it. I never start a day without a prayer for every man and woman out there fighting to save homes, forests and lives.
Be assured,the valley is treating your husbands,sons and daughters with the respected they deserve. Cookies, candy, and any other goodie that can be thought of are being taken to the different camps, people sit along side the road and hand my men water as they go by, treats of all kinds, and I get many calls a day asking where a bake good can be taken to show their thanks. Well I’ve rambled on enough, but thought some of you that may have someone dear, here in our valley might want just a little news.
P.S. You can be proud of the great job they are all doing.

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