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  • 08/24/2001
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To the moms & dads, wives, and other family members
As an experienced budget analyst/auditor, I have faith that the fire service is not siphoning off funds from fire suppression and/or the best tools to ensure the safety of those on the line to fund the salaries of the brass in DC. You must understand, that only a major act of Congress & the signature of the President will make any changes NEXT federal fiscal year budget. (the federal fiscal year begins 10/1, ends 9/30).
The untimely deaths of the 4 FFrs in WA state has caused the public to become fearful. Take a deep breath, look at the stats for numbers of failed deployed shelters, consider how many years they’ve been in use. This season, focus on ensuring your guy/gal has received proper training & has proper supervision, and everyone understands the wildland fire scene.
Our job is today is to write to our elected officials to urge that SOMETHING more than “consideration” for any safety mechanism is guaranteed before the next fire season pops. We cannot be another Mr Roth who can devise a better/safer shelter, but we can be proactive – remember folks it’s an election year!
When you talk with your loved one who is on the fire line, be supportive. Do not undermine their confidence unnecessarily. Remind them to never forget their training & to keep a close eye on the situation at hand (they can refuse an assignment). Those with actual wildland fire experience, give advice in They Said; read what they have to say about the 10/18 & LCES and when your loved one calls home, remind them of those watch words!
I understand how difficult & frustrating it is to sit home and read/view all the media hype. – have faith that your loved one will return home with only some poison oak rash and wild stories to tell at dinner!
old&grey in NZ R5

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