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  • 08/22/2001
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi Craig,
Our son called yesterday. He is at the Pendleton Oregon National Guard Armory with several other crews. I guess they are staging to wait for orders. Anyway, we are originally from Mississippi and he told me there are two crews there from Miss and two from Ala……..he also said the Ala crew said they were going to Canada……..do not write this in stone they all my end up someplace entirely unexpected
I looked up the Pendleton newspaper and there are several articles abt the fires and crews. One was interesting to me abt camping at fire camp….it mentioned names of FF also. is your brother on an engine from his own district?(easier to find an engine than a person), his rank? He will be calling today for sure.I will ask him to look your brother up for you………any messages if he finds him?
I have a feeling a lot of the guys may end up back in North Idaho, it is super dry here and the fires are popping out up North around the border. It’s terribly rugged terrain up there and a lot of the fires are allowed to burn with close watching….prayers and best thoughts to all.
Re Personal Attacks: 
My opinion (yea I know) is: a huge percentage of the changes, reforms whatever you call it has come about when a deep emotion was twicked and it started a rolling effect in other people. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, did not start by someone saying “oh today I think I will start an organization against drunks” no, it started when a child was killed, BIG emotion there folks.
Megan’s Law, is about child killers……and the list goes on and on. I don’t trust the powers that be in any field to make appropriate decisions for public safety based on percentages, dollars and the impact to the environment etc. Good grief look at Firestone……we have a bigger investment in the Shelter controversy than anyone other than our FF themselves. We have invested a lifetime of care, love, emotion, commitment to these people out there on the line. And all those investments can move mountains once it gets moving.
Even if we just let the “powers” know we are watching them, it will make a difference. Yes we need to educate ourselves abt the shelters, but I don’t have to know the ratio’s, the fabric content, the percentages etc. I leave that to the experts.
I want to know they are “actively” working on a better shelter and I want some type of accountability from the “powers”. I would be willing to bet that everyone on this list would be willing to buy one of the new shelters themselves if they were available for their family member. Personally we would have to buy four but we would do it today if we could. (I’ll sell the house).
I do apologize if anything I’ve written in the past was taken as an attack. Not intended at all. Everyone has their own agenda and I understand job security and all that. I just want every FF out there to have the best equipment possible….and if it is sitting on a drawing board or a conference table, then someone needs to get involved and get it moving.

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