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  • 08/18/2001
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Colorado Mom, Sammi, and others
If you want to see action I would start by making a FOIA (freedom of information act) request to the Forest Service on all information related to the current fire shelter and Mr. Roth’s shelter. This would include all information and data related to testing of both shelters, all recalls or safety notices related to the fire shelter, and all investigation reports where fire shelters were used. I would ask them explain why they discourage and ignore work or suggestions by folks, other than technology and development, to improve the fire shelter (Vinnie’s message that is archived suggested there are other safety equipment involved). I would share this information with the media, OSHA, your state governor and Congress in a letter writing campaign. Technology and development will try to buffalo you with questions about the testing of Mr. Roth’s shelter but don’t let them get away with it (see my earlier message that is now archived). I spoke to Jim Roth through email and he shared with me that by the end of this year, the test procedures should be established and MTDC should have an idea of what a fire shelter should be in terms of the tradeoffs of weight, bulk, survivability, and cost. It’s expected they will design their own and put it out to bid in GSA. His shelter would have to wait 2-5 years before NFPA performance based standards are in place for “standardized testing”. Why???
I’d like to know if there is an exemption to this NFPA standardized testing. How long do we have to wait for technology and development to provide a better shelter? And why do we have to wait? Is there someone connected with GSA that is going to take the work that Mr. Roth has done and tweak it just enough for their own personal gain?
With over 22,000 firefighters on the fireline, and now military personnel, there are families across the country that should be concerned – but they can make a difference. They haven’t listened to us but maybe they’ll listen to you. We all would appreciate your efforts!
Firefighter Jane

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