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  • 02/11/2007
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Hi Family Said and Ab,

Yep, it’s still cold here, but only about 20 below last night. Today we had a high of 3. With this warming trend, Lindy thought it would be a good day to go jump in the lake. Off we went – I mean who could pass up a little swim this time of year? We drove over to Little Detroit Lake where the “Polar Plunge” was being held to benefit the local Boys & Girls Club. A square of ice had been sawn out of the lake to create a 8×10 open area of water. Two hot tubs preheated participants before they plunged. One or two people jumped at a time into the frigid water. They quickly climbed up the ladder out of the lake and ran to the warming houses to get dried off and dressed. Over 50 people took turns jumping. One national guardsman jumped in 10 times, one jump after another, all in a row. Either brave or stupid, I’m not sure which. He wanted to appear tough and I think he succeeded. The last record was 8 jumps. There were two wet-suited divers in the water at all times to provide help to anyone who might need it. Also, an ambulance was right there, along with the Sheriff and police. They were ready for anything, but there were no problems. Over $20,000 was raised for the Boys & Girls Club. I took pictures of Linden jumping in the water. Local news crews were there to get the stories of why people would sign up to do such a thing. A number of people dressed up in various outfits and costumes, and the best were awarded prizes. A group of four ladies from the bank wore their business attire complete with nametags. Two girls dressed as penguins, and a couple dressed as pirates. Superwoman was also there. The cold water, of course, didn’t faze her at all. I got cold just watching all these people. I’m guessing Linden may plunge again next year. He said it really wasn’t so cold. (Yea, right.)

Lindy represented the USFS by wearing a T-Shirt with National Forest Fire on the back.

He received a few good cheers when he jumped in.

Wife of
Lucky Lind
Got one good photo of the plunge, of course with no identifying human features? Makes me cold just thinking about it!


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