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  • 09/07/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I’m glad to see that some fire resources are being used to help out with Katrina, it was hard to stand by and watch what was happening on TV, knowing that there were all these resources out there not being utilized. I talked to a friend who is on the Tatanka shots on the Black Hills NF, he said that in addition to some Type 2 teams, one is already there, all of the R2 shot crews would rotate going down there to help, but that’s just what he heard, who knows if its true or not.

Amanda- I’ll probably go to the TC station in the afternoon to watch Ken, the crew is usually there, waiting for fires. We live in Lancaster, and I’m not too far from Fox Field, but I think 0700 is a little early for me to mobilize the fam. I was thinking of going around 2 or 3, I’m just trying to guesstimate what time he’ll be getting there.

We don’t where we’re going to move, wherever he can find a job really. He’s looking for a captain’s job, or any other type of promotion, he’s been a squaddie for a while and it’s time for him to move up in the world. Ditto on it being too expensive here, we bought our house here, and though it’s a lot cheaper than living in say, Santa Clarita, we could have bought the same house for 100 grand less in CO, you know? No. Cal. may not be all that cheap either, but I think it will be an all around nicer place to live. We would love to buy a place with some land in the mtns, I’m a mtn girl myself, I think the dogs would love it most of all, we’ll see. What are you going to school for?

Poet- wow, Scotland!! I’m glad to hear you could take a vacation, I’m sure you needed it. I hope to go there some day, not just Scotland, but England and Ireland too. My Grandparents took me to Paris when I graduated high school, it was beautiful, I think I learned more history in a week there than a whole year of European history in school. We were also there when France won the World Cup, it was insane. I read after we got home that is was the biggest uprising in Paris since they were liberated from the Nazis after WWII. I would love to see your pics.

Fire Wife- any word on that baby boy you’re hoping for? I can’t believe you’re prego, AND going to school, AND working, AND taking care of the kids, during fire season, you must be tired. Hang in there!!


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