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  • 08/29/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Man, it is so bleepin hot here, I wish I was back in CO where it’s cold and raining. My poor FF is in Palm Springs, he got a call early Sat. morning that they were going, it was 114 there that day. I feel bad for him, but it was nice having him home while it lasted. He pretty much missed Gavin’s 1st birthday on Friday too because of small local fire, he got to see him for about a half hour when he got home, so we just had cake and presents with Grandma (his mom). We went to the beach one day though, there was a little coastal weather and it was even a little chilly. I love the beach!! I never knew what I was missing out on

Amanda- Yes he is on TC, he’s one of the squaddies. He’s only been there since last Feb. and I think we’ll be moving this winter, hopefully to No. Cal. I didn’t know about Arroyo Seco, where exactly are they stationed? It seems like TC is around here more than the other crews, it guess it’s just the luck of the draw for resource orders. I used to have my EMT cert, but I let it expire this year. I’m Nationally Registered, but I would have to get certified in CA too, and it wasn’t worth it for something I don’t really use. I took my EMT-B during the off-season, when I was on unemployment, so I was able to devote a lot of time to it. I was a wreck over the practicals, I don’t do well with “field exams”. I actually failed my first saws class and had to retake it because I was so nervous during my field day. I had already been running a saw on a county crew for a year, and was good enough that I should have passed, I just bombed it.

FireWife- Are you hoping for a boy this time? Your FF needs someone to be on his side once and a while! What are you doing for work these days? My FF would never come home and surprise us, he always calls first, it would be cool if he did though. Is your FF on the Nez Perce in ID? I’ve been watching the fires there, my FF tried to get a job in Elk City, I was bummed that it didn’t work out.

Hope all is well elsewhere.


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