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  • 08/20/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello to all!!!

Boy, there sure is a lot of chatting going on, it took me a long time to catch up. I tried to look in from time to time while I was gone, but I was always using the computer at a friend’s house, and it’s hard to sit down and do anything while watching the baby at a non-baby-proofed house.

My time in CO was wonderful. My intention was to beat the heat out there, but the whole state had record temps, above100, for about a week- Taz, were you still home for that? 2000-2002 were unusually hot and dry summers for CO, but I’ve still never seen it that hot there. I went to Zion NP for the first time on the way out, what an awesome place. I spent LOTS of time with all my old friends from HS and fire buddies too, my Grandparents came out and stayed at my Dad’s for a week, and I saw my Mom in Grand Lake. Gavin went on his first train ride on the historic Georgetown loop and went to his first rodeo at “The Daddy of ‘em All” Cheyenne Frontier Days. My dogs miss roaming in the mountains, they got to swim almost every day, they are just the waterest dogs I ever did know. I wanted to stay even longer, but after five weeks, I decided I should probably come home. I came home from the N. and saw Tahoe for the first time too. Now I know why CDF is so big, I couldn’t believe the amount of fires there were along I-5, going S. from Sacramento.

My hubby stayed pretty busy while I was gone. I left early after I thought he would be in AK for a while, he was on the Kenai fire too, but they sent him home after only 4 days on the fire, after 2 days of travel to get there, seems like a big waste of time and money to me. He was home for a couple of weeks, but busy locally, and then he went to Oregon and then on to the old School Fire in WA. He came on Tues. and had some RR, and he’s back at work today, they’re still around, I don’t think they are even available nationally. His crew is on the Angeles NF and they often make their crews stick around in case the forest needs them.

I was only home for 3 days before he came home and it seemed like an eternity. I wish the season was nearing an end, I will not be having any more vacation time to distract me. I think we will have a late season here in So. Cal., it really dried out while I was gone. The grass is taller than the brush in some places, and even a small wind event will send fires raging, we may see fires like Oct./Nov. of 2003, some of which were the biggest on record in CA.

About FF being grumpy during fire season, my FF is like Jekyll and Hyde. He HATES fire season, I think he’s been shotting for too long, but he is a totally different person in the off season. I think a lot of it is from just plain being tired, I know I get grumpy when I haven’t had enough sleep. Some times it really brings you down when you come home from a hard assignment and you know you only have two days off before you go out and do it all over gain. Some times it’s weird when I read you guys talking about fire and you’re SO’s from a non-FF point of view. Both of my parents were FF at one time, then me, and now my brother is getting into it too, and I forget that it’s much different when you come from regular families. It’s often easy for me to be supportive of my FF because I know and love the job too. I think it’s great that you all can not quite understand, but still love them anyways.

I keep a picture of my FF on the fridge, so I can see it all through out the day, it’s even a fire picture, there’s a wall of flames coming out of burning brush behind him. I don’t have very many pics of him because he hates to have his picture taken, its one the few pics where he’s actually smiling. I like to roll over and smell his pillow, to me, it’s like he’s right there in bed with me, I think the smell is almost better than a pic. Some times it’s hard for me because not only do I miss him, but I miss work too, I wish I was the one out on a fire. I don’t miss the long days and sleep dep., but I miss the excitement and the cool places you get to see, and the fire of course, I miss seeing flames, seeing mother nature in action. It’s been hard going from being so active, to a stay at home mom. I don’t work nearly as hard, but I think I put in more time. I will say on thing, I am soo glad I’m not pregnant this year!!

I hope every one’s FF is doing well.


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