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  • 08/18/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Got the E-mail you forwarded. Thanks, Amanda.

I just got off the phone with Tony Duprey. We talked about logistics, etc. and he had a good point that some of the folks that will be with me that day may not show up at the start. So, for those that are running a bit late, and would miss the briefing, I thought I would put it down here, so that we’ve got everyone covered.

As I mentioned in my last post, Wendy will be pacing me for the first ten miles. From about ten to 40 miles, I’m not sure if I will need a pacer, but for the last ten, a motivator is a nice thing to have around. Between those two points, it is actually good to be able to retreat into my own little world. However, as Tony and I discussed, having a bike rider riding a bit behind, as a safety and welfare dude is a good idea. I was also thinking of making a sign of some sort reading “CAUTION RUNNER ON ROAD” that we might be able to affix to the rear of a volunteer’s car or truck, and have that person follow a little behind would be cool also. So if anyone is interested in doing any of these things, let me know (I am going to put my E-mail address at the end)

Now for the safety briefing…..

Bike riders: The Bouquet Canyon portion of the course is pretty gnarly in a couple of places. I can’t give you mile markers, so you will have to keep heads up. Make sure you bring water/gato, etc. And for goodness sake, where a helmet. Once out of the canyon, the road opens up, but there still could be a lot of traffic.

Drivers: Same as above! Bouquet Res. is a popular spot, as are the day use picnic areas, so heads up for that. There are plenty of turn-outs and parking areas. I believe the Angeles has prohibited smoking outside vehicles. but you shouldn’t smoke anyway…and please don’t do it as I’m running by. Please obey all traffic laws. The road is open, and we don’t want to have to turn around and do this in the desert. Best way to do this is not to follow me. Just go ahead a few miles and have a coke. Once we get into Santa Clarita (Copper Hill, McBean and Majic Mtn. Parkways) there is no parking on the curb. Best thing hear is to spread out and pick parking lots, etc.

Hydration/food: From Palmdale (Albertson’s at Ave N) to Santa Clarita there are no stores, so make sure you bring some snacks and drinks. And, as you drive by me, if you have an extra bottle of water, I might just grab it…Thanks.

Tony has been in contact with the folks at Sta. 76. They are aware that we are coming, in fact you may see a fire engine or two along the route. An LACO Fire PIO is in contact with the LACO S.D., as well. Good thing…that’s what worried me the most.

Okay, I think that covers it. Now, there is a bit of a discrepancy in start times. So, Let’s go with 0700 on the 10th. Sorry about that. That’s what’s on the “flyer”. If there is a bit of confusion close to run-day, if I need to be I will be at Fox at 0530, just in case.

I joked ealier about having to turn around. However, if for some reason (fire, flood earthquake, etc.) we cannot continue down Bouquet, we will load up and head back to Fox, and I will continue the run out into the desert. Cool?

More later,

perrykc93 @ hotmail.com


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