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  • 08/08/2005
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Yes, I can identify with the looking at pictures of him forever thing, catskilldog. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one and that we aren’t going a little kooky. God, you feel like such a cheesy dork sometimes, but those are the silly things we do to get any ounce of them we can. The longer it’s been since I’ve seen or talked to him, the more I do these things. Makes you feel closer, I guess. I have old messages I listen to over and over. The other day I even read YEAR OLD emails. And I kept pics of him on my digital camera so I can look at them while I’m away and show them to whomever is willing to look. As it is now, I haven’t talked to him in 8 days and probably won’t until next Sunday or Monday. I’ve been trying to write a lot so that he can keep up but then I never mail them. Uh, duh….

That is a good sign that your man will already be home this early!!! I’m hoping fire season ends early for him too. I think he is starting to think it might too. They are still up there and the longer they stay up there, the smaller their window of opportunity to come down south and fight fire here gets. And it doesn’t really seem like there is much of a demand in the lower 48. I mean, why else would they send your FF home right? That would be awesome if he’s finished by the time I get back from Costa Rica, in mid-September.

You are so right Catskilldog!!! Boquete is known for it’s coffee. El cafe rico y muy delicioso. And I laughed when you read about trying beer and coffee, because that is precisely how I am, coffee all day and beer at night. Although, I don’t think I’m as healthly as you sound, so I probably drink too much coffee and sometimes too much beer. The beer tour here isn’t quite like the beer tour in Europe, but they are okay. They drink Imperial in Costa Rica, and Panama and Atlas in Panama. They’re pretty good. Better than Budweiser, that’s for sure. 

I just got to my school in Costa Rica today and I’m so excited!!! It’s good to hear from ya catskilldog. Enjoy the time with your man and your fun weekend. Where do you guys live? Ab can give you my email if you want to get in touch that way.

You guys take care!

Taz Girl

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