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  • 08/07/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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well, my FF hubby will be home at the end of this week. yea! he’ll be home until next season and now he’s talking about jumping next season. he will, of course, still be at least 2000 miles away from me even when he’s off a fire since he’s based out west. i feel the same way as you, tazgirl, i would be much happier if he came home to me when he came off of fires. eventually, it will be that way, but for now, we need to live where we are for goals we want to reach here. i have built myself up to be very strong about this, but again, just like you said, tazgirl, some days are totally fine and others i miss him so badly i can’t think about anything else but him and how much i miss him. the other day, i spent quite some time staring at photos of him! and then there’s the intimacy factor. that’s reeeeallly hard!!!! except for when i’m at work, i will be attached to him, literally, for a long while when he gets home. ha ha! i even just miss the smell of him! oh well. 

hey, tazgirl, i hear they make some good coffee in boquete. do you like coffee? i love coffee, but i’ve stopped drinking caffeine for months now, just for health reason, so i’ve switched to decaf. wherever i visit, i have to try their coffee and beer. beer at night, coffee in the morning. i have found better beer than coffee, though, even in the middle of nowhere in missouri.

how’s everyone else hanging in there? tazgirl, sounds like you are going to have a great trip! i wish i could do what you’re doing. this coming weekend, when my man gets home, we are spending the weekend at a local resort. i won on a local radio station a two nights stay at a really nice place on the lake and it includes tickets to the water park and horseback riding. we’ll go to the water park and act like kids and, well, the horseback riding should be interesting since i’m a spaz about it — that’s what i get for being raised by parents from NYC. but, just like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it gets. i can’t wait!

hope all your FF’s are safe and you are all doing well. 

~ catskilldog ~

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